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Let the Experts Take Care of the Common Area Cleaning

Ahhh! This is our specialty! Although we have engaged in all types of janitorial services since 1981, Condominium Common Area Cleaning is what we do best.

Nothing is more challenging, and yes rewarding, than satisfying a property manager, several board members and numerous residents.

Simply by listening to you the owners, board members and property managers we know what matters to you the most. Focusing on key common areas such as elevators, lobbies and pool areas can relieve and avoid many unnecessary headaches. Just a little extra attention to detail and communication makes all the difference.

What really separates us from the pack though is our quick response to customer needs. Think how nice it would be to have someone say “how high?” when you say jump. By now you are tired of hearing “I’ll get back to you” or “let me check the contract.” Our experience in condo common areas cleaning has also taught us that when we reduce your headaches and frustration we reduce ours at the same time. Life is so much better when everyone wins.

All of Your Condo Cleaning Needs From One Place.

Building Exterior Cleaning

In Florida, the first step to enhancing the appearance of building exteriors is cob web removal.

Simple as it sounds the task is never ending and requires the right tools and methods. You may have noticed painted walls and ceilings smeared and stained with spider nests and bug debris resulting from improper cleaning techniques. While these stains can often be removed with pressure washing, why not just do the job right the first time?

How do you feel when your visitors grab the handrails on the way to your unit and need to wash the black marks off their hands in your kitchen sink? Embarrassed I’m sure. These are the fundamentals not extra services. 

Board members, my hat is off to you for volunteering your time and energy to improving your property. However, you don’t need to hear constant complaints from fellow owners about the cleaning service. There is an alternative. We can work with you to develop a flexible building exterior cleaning program that meets the needs of your property and your residents. Rather than repeatedly “cleaning what is clean” a little planning and forethought allows us to use the allotted time and resources more efficiently, accomplish more and stay in budget.

The Club House and Other Common Areas

The pool is another focal point for any community.

It’s a place to congregate with fellow residents. It’s a place to show off to visiting family and friends or hopefully a place to simply relax and unwind. That is unless the pool area is a dirty embarrassment. Are the chairs and tables nasty? Are they covered with mold or mildew? Perhaps the restrooms are something you wouldn’t use on a dare?

Condo pool cleaning is simply a priority matter when it comes to common area cleaning. With scheduled cleaning and regular supervisor inspections we can make you proud of your pool area once again. Crystal Clean understands why this area is of special importance. We also know that our reputation is on the line as well. Like you, we want your visitors to say: “Wow this is really nice. Who does your cleaning?” Not: “Oh my, when was the last time this place was cleaned?”

Let us customize a cleaning program for your pool area. One that fits your needs, and your budget.

Pool Deck Pressure Washing

Are you worried about your tenants kids playing on that unsightly stain on your pool deck?

Well if you’re not you should be. Mold and mildew are a parent’s worst nightmare for their children’s health. A pool deck pressure wash can help. With our professional crew of pressure washers we can make your pool deck a safe place to let the kids play.

Pressure washing is not new technology but few people actually know about its benefits. Pressure washing uses high pressure water to wash away microbes that build up and cause your tenants to get sick. Not only does it protect your tenants health but it extends the life of the paint. In addition, it removes the microbes from brick or stone walls to prevent them from starting an early deterioration. So don’t we all want our tenants to be healthy and our property  to retain its original luster?

Carport Cleaning

If you drive everyday then you notice your carport every single day.

It’s the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you arrive back home. Is it clean and presentable? Free of debris? Do you feel at home when you step from your car? Or do you see cobwebs, smeared spider nests and mud daubers setting up shop?

With regularly scheduled cleaning these areas are not very difficult to maintain. However if your cleaning service slacks off on condo carport cleaning then it becomes an eye sore and may need more frequent and more expensive pressure washing to restore. Carports are like anything else once they are clean they are much easier to maintain if one keeps up with the cleaning and doesn’t fall behind schedule.

Pressure Washing

Are you tired of the unsightly mold and mildew that stains your condo buildings and walkways?

We have all been caught up in the confusing misinformation of other cleaners. They spray bleach down on problem areas and say it solves the problem only to find a couple days later that the mold has returned with a vengeance. This is a common misconception in the cleaning world. The problem in treating mold and mildew using only bleach is that it does nothing to actually remove the problem. Instead all it does is turn the mold and mildew into a clear version of itself. Within a couple of days of dirt and dust collecting on the problem spots they turn right back into an unsightly mess.

Pressure washing of your condo buildings is a quick and easy way to get your condo back to looking like new. When your neighbor drags his leaking trash bag down the stairs and across the walkway, wouldn’t you love to see that removed? Or perhaps your grounds crew leaves a mess on the sidewalks from muddy shoes? Pressure washing high traffic areas not only helps to clean but also removes unseen chemical residue that is tracked onto your painted walkways. These chemicals accelerate the wear and tear of the paint and concrete. Without treatment on a regular basis this will shorten the life span of the paint and force you and your neighbors to pay extra assessments to paint the building prematurely.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why spend money on pressure washing to save money on repainting the walkways?” Well why do we spend money to fix our cars or computers if we can just buy another one? Simple, it is cheaper to pressure wash and maintain our condo than it is to repaint. Pressure washing also extends the life of the current paint and saves us the headache of trying to match the paint, knowing the entire time that once we pick it out and apply the paint it will not match what was previously there.

Parking Lots and Grounds Cleaning

Included in almost every list of cleaning specifications is policing the parking areas and grounds for trash and debris.

It sounds simple enough and it is. However, if condo parking lots and grounds cleaning is neglected unsightly trash collects and spreads through the complex with wind and weather.

This area of cleaning becomes especially important in communities with several rental units. Let’s face it, renters don’t take the same care, pride or interest in your property as owners do. And of course food trash is the worst. Not only is it unpleasant to look at but if left unchecked pest control becomes a serious and nasty issue.

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