Tile and Grout Cleaning

How do you clean grout?

Think your routine mopping is keeping your floors clean? Think again… The floors are the biggest part of your business and the most trafficked area. Think of your floors as the first impression that someone will have of your business. It goes without saying that first impressions are important and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.

What so many people don’t understand about business is that the physical appearance of work space tells so much about our business. If someone comes into our office or store and sees scuff marks on our floors or stains in the wood or tile it can be give off the impression that we don’t care about our appearance so why would someone feel that we are going to handle their business with any kind of certainty. 

A commercial floor maintenance schedule can help to keep floors pristine.

Let’s face it to succeed in business you have to portray a sense of success. You would never take stock advice from a guy dressed in board shorts and flip flops so why would you do business with someone who looks like they have not cleaned their floors in months.

I know what you’re thinking, “Someone mops my floors daily or weekly.” Mopping is great for keeping up the maintenance that we do but it only goes so far, and it only works if you are using the proper chemicals and doing it on the proper frequency. The biggest mistake most people make is not changing out the water in the bucket as often as they should.

What you have to understand is that as you mop the floor you collect dirt on the mop and as you dip your mop in the bucket that dirt gets mixed in with the clean water you are using to clean the floors. As you mop more and more dirt gets mixed in with the clean water and by the end you have lost all cleaning capability and essentially just mopping with dirty water. This is another reason floor maintenance is so important.

There is only so much cleaning can do. It will not remove those scuffs or scratches in the floor surface or remove any discolorations that have happened from something someone tracked in on the bottom of their shoe or a spill of Chet’s famous five alarm chili.

Our Business Floor Cleaning Services Include:

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Is your floor looking a little dull lately? Do you want to see your reflection in the floor when your walk in?

It is time to call us for your floor stripping and waxing. With our team of professional floor maintenance people we can strip the old wax off your floor and apply the necessary wax and sealer to once again make you proud of your floors.

We don’t just come in and strip and wax your floors. We will determine what kind of service or program fits your needs and budget. Some business owners look for the lowest bidder for the job. This doesn’t always work. Yes, we all have to cut costs but still you want the job done right. If the wrong type of finish is used it could end up costing you more money in the long run because you will have to get your floors re-stripped more often.

Every wax has a specific purpose. Low traffic areas require a different finish and maintenance program than high traffic areas. We can help you decide which wax is best suited for your needs. Our technicians can not only help you pick out the right wax for each area but also design a maintenance program that works best for your facility.

Floor Scrubbing and Buffing

High-traffic areas are prone to dirt, dust and grime. And over time, they will start to show signs of wear and tear. All of this makes your office space look unsightly and less than professional to clients and customers.

A professional floor cleaning service can keep your floors in like-new condition, removing day-to-day buildup of dirt and the scratches and scuffs that accumulate over time. Professional services handle all types of floors in all types of businesses, from major corporations to tiny retail shops.

Business Ceramic Tile and Grout Floor Maintenance

Is your tile and grout looking dirty? Is the usual mop and bucket not getting it clean anymore?

Well maybe it is time to consider getting them cleaned professionally. The grout is very porous and collects dirt, grime and left over soap. Once trapped these discolor the tile and grout.

The remedy requires skill, experience and knowledge of how various chemicals and cleaning agents react with the materials used in the tile and grout. Our professional tile and grout cleaners using a truck mounted extraction machine can make your floors look like they were just installed. With the proper tile and grout floor maintenance, we can have that floor looking like new in no time.

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