Restaurant Cleaning

Customers today are more health conscious than ever before. Not only does bad news travel fast but bad restaurant reviews travel at or near the speed of light. If patrons feel the dining area, restrooms, or heaven forbid, the kitchen is not up to par they tell everyone.

Many restaurant owners and managers will attempt to save money by cleaning their facility “in house.” However the real opportunity cost of lost revenue, from non repeat patrons, is often far more than the small savings incurred. When the cost of insurance, additional payroll taxes and cleaning chemicals are added in. Well, you know the rest.

The real problem with “in house” cleaning is substandard results. Most restaurant employees have not been professionally trained in proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques. And even fewer are familiar with proper handling and disposal of cleaning chemicals.

On the other hand, a professionally designed restaurant cleaning program will not only impress your customers but your employees as well. As you well know, happy, motivated employees lead to increased sales. Studies prove that a clean and healthy work environment improves productivity. We have witnessed this first hand ourselves at our own office. Let us give you a free estimate or at least demonstrate several ways to improve the cleanliness of your restaurant.

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